Trajan A.D. 98-117
Grade: Leicht geglättet, VF+ | Abbreviations
Catalog: BMC 847, Coh. 542, RIC 569, MIR 314 b D
Material: Bronze
Weight: 24.97 g
Kopf r. mit Lorbeerkranz, l. drapiert//Brücke, darunter ankerndes Boot.
Kunker 2024 1088 pc
Although other identifications have continued to be advanced in both academic and trade literature, Strack’s arguments for the traditional identification of this bridge type on Trajan’s bronze coins as representing Trajan’s Danube bridge were virtually conclusive and should really have ended the debate. See C. Clay’s review of Woytek’s book on Trajan in Numismatic Chronicle 172, 2012, pp. 357-8 .