campgatecoins-home-1This site is intended for data collection and presentation about Roman minted coins with the campgate theme. It is drafted mainly due to catalogue published on the site, and also due to photographs from a personal collection and many other sites engaged with presentation or trade of this kind of minted coins. Coins of the same or similar topic from the period of Ancient Greece, Roman provinces, Roman and medieval coins with architectural motives will also be presented, but to a much lesser extent. The only intention of this site is to provide assistance to those who would like to learn more about this specific topic, or to get the information that are available, but scattered in many places. This is certainly not the unique and original idea, but perhaps it will clarify better some details or collect more information at one place. Any help or suggestion will be appreciated in order for relevance of this site to be accepted by numismatists.

Withal, I want to thank everyone whose materials, information, literature and photographs I have used. That was all in purpose of promotion and knowledge, contribution to public goods, but by no means personal gains.

Founder of this site is Arch. Momčilo Nikitović from Belgrade.