ANTONINUS PIUS. 138-161, Aureus. IMP CAES T AEL HADR ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP Laureled, draped and armored bust r. Rs: TR POT XV COS IIII Pax is l. with olive branch and scepter. In the PAX section. C. -. RIC -, cf. 216. Calico 1594a. 7.21g, high relief. Centered nicely. RRG OLD almost vz
Acquired from Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt, on July 31, 1957. The 23-year reign of Antoninus Pius was largely peaceful, with no major campaigns or civil wars shaking the empire, which flourished in this stable environment, which is viewed by many as the high point of the Princely period. The depiction of the goddess of peace on the reverse is a particularly beautiful symbol.