Sauromates I succeeded in 90 to his father Rheskuporis I who, like him, bears the names of Tiberios Julios (for Tiberius Julius) while his grandfather, Kotys I (45-63) had borne the nicknames of Tiberios Claudios (for the Emperor Claudius), then Neronos Claudios (in honor of Nero). The kingdom of the Bosphorus was annexed by the Romans between 63 and 68. It was returned by Vespasian in 68 for the benefit of Rheskuporis I (69-93). Sauromates I reigned under the emperors Domitian (81-96), Nerva (96-98), Trajan (97-117) and Hadrian (117-138). On his death, Kotys II (123-133) succeeded him.
Type : Quarante-huit nummia
Date: c. 90-120
Mint name / Town : Panticapée, Bosphore
Metal : copper
Diameter : 26,5 mm
Orientation dies : 12 h.
Weight : 12,20 g.
Rarity : R1
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