Decapolis. Capitolias under Commodus (AD 177-192). Æ (30mm, 12.83g). Struck in civic era year 93 (AD 190/1). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Commodus r. / Octastyle temple with towers, within which Zeus seated r., holding scepter and patera; above, Γ-Ч (date) flanking pediment. Spijkerman 11 var. (Zeus seated left); RPC IV.3 Online 6560 var. (same); Rosenberger 9 var. (same); Sofaer 6 var. (same). Extremely rare variant with Zeus seated right. See Triton XXV, lot 6433 for another example.
Zurquieh 2024, 1106 pc